20 Chic Fall Decor Ideas You Won’t Find at Your Grandma’s

Posted On: October 9, 2015 - By admin

Decorating for Fall nowadays is not what it used to be. If you go to a craft store looking for Fall decor, you’ll find the cliche plastic pumpkins and garlands of leaves and kitschy little dishes fill with potpourri. Basically all the things that your grandma uses to decorate for the changing of seasons. And that doesn’t exactly jive with your style. So how do you decorate for Fall in a way that says chic and classy? You’ll discover that with a free Saturday and a little gold paint, you can fill your home with perfectly lovely Fall pieces that you can be proud of. Check out these 20 chic Fall decor […]


59 Ingenious Fall Wreath Designs Ready To Inspire You

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You know it’s fall when you start thinking about hanging a wreath on your front door. But don’t go to the wreath store just yet. This year, how about you craft the wreath yourself? With so many beautiful, lovely and interesting ideas and variations you can try, it would be a shame to settle for something generic? And in case you’re lacking ideas, we’ve prepared a few you should definitely take a look at. View in gallery Use anything you can find in your house this time of the year. For example, apples. That would sure look delicious. Here’s what you have to do: first, get a foam wreath form […]


Umbrella Stands That Make Rainy Days Feel Beautiful

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The umbrella stand is one of those accessories that you think you don’t need but then end up using all the time. So spare yourself the drama and get one from the start. If you want, you can even make one yourself. I recently saw an umbrella stand that was actually a leather umbrella. You can use this idea as well as many others we’ll describe below. Umbrella stands you can make Feeling crafty? How about making an umbrella stand from scratch or giving one a makeover? Sisal stand View in gallery Sisal rope is often used in projects that involve cats because they love scratching surfaces covered with it […]


Poltrona Frau Group Showroom is an Interior Design Delight

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The Poltrona Frau Group showroom in the Miami Design District is certainly a visual treat for the senses, both inside and out. While the district is home to dozens of high-end retailers and design shops, the group’s building is a modern, striking and colorful landmark that draws you in from down the street. View in gallery View in gallery Cassina’s Campanula Nemo light fixture takes center stage in a grouping. View in gallery This bookshelf is more than just shelving. It is one of Cassina’s reissues of a design by 20th-century Italian architect by Franco Albini Veliero. View in gallery Cappelini’s Bird chair designed by Tom Dixon looks very comfortable as […]


Bed-Desk Combos Save Space And Add Interest To Small Rooms

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When you want to have a home office but also a cozy place to sleep and you only have one room for that, what do you do? One idea is to opt for multifunctional furniture such as a bed that can turn into a desk or a bunk bed with a desk underneath. This type of furniture can also be very useful for a child’s or a teen’s room. View in gallery There are enough such furniture designs to make a long list with but we’ll only focus on the most interesting ones such as the Study Beds which you can buy in the UK. The great thing about them […]


Stackable Furniture Designs That Solve Major Problems By Being Themselves

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Whenever trying to save space or make room, we find ourselves stacking things one on top of the other. It’s the natural response to the situation and the most basic solution we can find. Inspired by this concept, furniture designers have come up with a variety of creations that allow us to do exactly that. It’s a category that includes stackable furniture of all types, all based on the same main concept. Storage units View in gallery The stackable Tree dressers are very ingenious for the simple fact that they offer a lot of freedom. Use them individually as stand alone pieces or use them in pairs of two, three […]


Modern Daybeds That Revolutionize Classic Designs

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Did you know that the daybed is the predecessor of the sofa? That’s definitely interesting considering the fact that daybeds are a relatively new addition to modern households. Who knew that the sofa actually evolved from this obscure piece? The Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Chinese civilizations all gave a lot of importance to this particular piece of furniture. The modern daybed was introduced in the 1500-1600 period in France and it was those particular designs that influences a lot of what we see today. You can look for the particularities of the designs in the following examples of modern day daybeds. View in gallery Named simply Daybed, this is a […]


Modern Retreat Gets In Touch With Nature Using Three Courtyards

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After a two-year search, everyone involved in the Toro Canyon House project agreed that the site found was perfect for everything they had in mind. This included contractor Below Magid Construction, The Archer – the team responsible for the interior design and Bestor Architecture – a collaborative office based in LA which is guided by a very inspiring manifesto: “Everyone should experience strange beauty every day”. View in gallery This diverse team created a beautiful getaway home located in Toro Canyon in the Santa Barbara County of CA, USA. The house was completed in 2012 and sit on a 4700 sq ft area. It connects to nature in a lot […]


Modern Grandma’s House In Vancouver Infused With Kid-Friendly Elements

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The Cloister House is a grandma’s house located in Vancouver, Canada but it doesn’t look anything like the typical type you’d expect to see, given the function. First of all, this is a modern home that Measured Architecture Inc built for a grandmother and her grandchildren. Also, it’s not outdated, rustic or old even though it feels as cozy as you’d expect it to. View in gallery The house occupies a hilltop site that was originally occupied by a bungalow dating back to the 1940s. Instead of demolishing the bungalow, the architects decided to sustainably deconstruct it in order to salvage, recycle and reuse as much as possible of the […]


Compact Pod Becomes An Affordable Lifestyle Option

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Pods such as iDLADLA (which translates as “my place” in Joburg slang) are quickly becoming popular throughout the world and that’s because of their flexibility and functionality. The fact that they are compact allows them to be added to a large variety of different locations and to serve a variety of purposes. View in gallery Pod-iDLADLA is a project carried out by architect Clara da Cruz Almeida in collaboration with EVZ Engineers, Mark Setaro, JK Electrical, Ken Stuckle and Holms & Friends. The team worked together to come up with a concept and a design that are affordable, modular, sustainable and durable. View in gallery After deciding that 17 square […]